Straumann Swiss Dental Implants

In O’blik Clinic, we use Straumann implants by the Swiss Company which has already been the leader in implantology for 65 years.

US Teeth-Whitening Technology 2019

Comfort and absolute security for your teeth from Beyond Polus – the Winner of Dental Advisor 2018! It doesn’t cause any fractures or other damages of tooth enamel.

Air Flow Teeth Cleaning Technology

PROPHYflex-3 powder-blasting nozzle comfortably removes stains on the enamel, eliminates bad breath, saturates the enamel with fluoride


Perfection of your image.
Modern O’BLIK Dental Clinic – dental treatment in the comfortable environment with cutting-edge equipment.

O’blik Dental Clinic is dentistry where your health and beauty are taken care of. We quickly and painlessly remove toothache, treat dental diseases and periodontium, return the possibility of enjoying your favorite food, as well as smiling confidently and happily!

Enjoy your life and create your perfect image with the help of advanced technologies in dentistry!


Services of our company

Services we provide

Orthodontic Therapy. Braces

Full range of orthodontic systems for patients at any age

Children’s Dentistry

Psychological comfort and painless procedures for the small patient

Teeth Whitening

Beyond Polus is the US teeth whitening system. Effect duration is up to 2 years!

Dental Veneers

Solution to aesthetic defects with the help of veneers and lumineers. Thickness of veneers starts from 0.2 mm

Dental Implantology

The Clinic is the official representative of Straumann Company in Odesa.


From tooth extraction and inflammatory process treatment to tooth-preserving procedures and implantation

Dentistry without any pain or stress

  • Psychological comfort

  • Dentists with more than 15-year experience

  • State-of-the-art technologies


High innovation technologies and many years’ experience of our specialists

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Our Dentists

The best professionals in this field
Osoveskaya Yulia Vladimirovna
Osoveskaya Yulia Vladimirovna
Therapist, periodontist
Prokopinenko Yulia Petrovna
Prokopinenko Yulia Petrovna
Therapist, periodontist
Sokirko Elena Borisovna
Sokirko Elena Borisovna
Therapist, periodontist
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Our patients’ comfort is the top priority for the specialists at O’blic!

You don’t have to wait “a little bit longer” in the queue, putting off all of your business, or stay at the dentist’s office all the time. An appointment in advance, modern safe anesthesia, pleasant atmosphere, high quality and quick dentists’ work are all about providing the most comfort to our patients.
If you do have acute pain, be sure to call us! Tel.: 067 8029 113
We can help you with any difficulty.

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