Absolute Naturalness

Full match of the color and transparency of the restored teeth with the original. We select the color, considering among other things the patient’s complexion, and before the procedure we ask dear ladies not to use bright makeup, so that nothing could affect the perception of color.

Complete Biocompatibility

Composite materials are absolutely compatible with the oral cavity and dental tissue. We use the most modern composites that are absolutely safe for health, do not harm our teeth and do not cause allergic reactions in the body.

Correction of Minor Defects

Gaps between teeth, unaesthetic width or length of teeth? For someone (for example, for Vanessa Paradis), the gap between the teeth is a cute feature of their appearance. However, the majority of patients try to avoid such “cuteness”, as well as other small or large defects in the tooth alignment.


Are you happy with your smile?

Only 10% of people give a positive answer . Others see flaws: big or small ones, often exaggerated and sometimes underestimated – most of us would like to make our smiles much better.
But how?
Thanks to the artistic restoration procedure.
Art (or composite) restoration is the restoration of teeth with a special filling material (photopolymer or composite) that does not harm the living tissues of the tooth.
The process is absolutely painless (anesthesia is provided for sensitive teeth), does not require frequent visits to the dentist (sometimes a single visit is enough), the restored tooth is completely identical to the rest of the dentition and the effect lasts for a long time.
Are you ready to be among the 10% of the lucky ones who are absolutely satisfied with their smile?
We are looking forward to seeing you at O’blik!

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Why do we choose art restoration?

The best composites of the new generation

The latest technologies in aesthetic medicine, new generation composites. In our work we use the cutting-edge achievement in the field of dentistry – nanofilled composites. Nanotechnology allows the particles of the composite to be more evenly distributed, and the resin-binder to wet them completely. The material becomes more homogeneous and therefore stronger. In addition, nano-filled composites have high elasticity, long-lasting gloss, and excellent polishability. As a result you get fantastic aesthetics and reliability.

Comprehensive solution to therapeutic and aesthetic problems

Decay has destroyed part of the tooth? We do not just precisely remove the affected tissue, preserving the healthy part as much as possible. We also restore the lost part, which will be completely identical to the native tooth. Tooth decay is eliminated, and the tooth looks like new.
Your teeth are prone to abnormal abrasion? We stop the process by building up the tooth to the desired length preventing the native tissues from wearing out. Treatment and beauty – that’s what artistic restoration is all about.

Veneers and Lumineers. Thin and Durable

Veneers are becoming more and more popular every year. Thin, super strong plates can hide the imperfections of a smile – a slight curvature of the teeth, darkening or yellowness of the enamel, the length or width of the tooth. Veneers are glued to the teeth. Very often for their gluing filing down is either not needed at all, or the teeth are filed down to a minimum, in order to avoid damaging tissues of a living tooth. Veneers are the living picture of progress in dentistry. It is absolute perfection in color and shape. In addition, it is also indistinguishable from native teeth.

Absolutely accurate reproduction of the native tooth architecture

We have already mentioned here the latest generation composites, which are very durable and allow you to perfectly reproduce the color of natural teeth. But the composite itself is half the battle. For the restoration to be perfect, you need a good dentist who will recreate the tooth surface with maximum accuracy: tubercles, fissures and other anatomical features. These are the experts who work at O’blik.

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Freedom with the O'blik Clinic


If you have difficulty finding smiling photos because you hardly have them, visit the O’blik clinic.
The fear of smiling openly and the belief that it cannot be changed can haunt you all your life.

O’blik will only laugh kindly at this fear.

As a result, the laughter of our patients is heard from far away, and they no longer hide their smiles from the camera lens!


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