A dazzling smile in an hour!

Special gel is applied to the teeth, and under the influence of light the oxygen, which the gel contains, penetrates the internal tissue of the tooth and eliminates pigmentation

Secure for enamel!

The whitening gel contains 35% of hydrogen peroxide and the Light Bridge system is maximum effective with minimal heat release

Up to 2-year effect!

We give detailed advice on how to take care of teeth after whitening. In general, patients report the maximum lasting effect.


Beyond Polus Whitening

At O’blik, we whiten enamel with the US Beyond Polus System, a completely safe tooth system and a truly effective whitening system. Conquer the world this spring with just one smile!

  • fluoridation
  • painless and safe
  • the Winner of Dental Advisor
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Why Beyond Polus?

The Winner of Dental Advisor for the last 5 years!

up to 12 shades

Whitens the enamel to up to 12 shades. Select the desired shade of teeth with the dentist and in an hour you will get the result!

It’s secure!

The procedure does not cause any damage to enamel, the Beyond Polus lamp gently affects the tooth surface by cleaning without traumatizing it

It’s painless!

An important feature of Beyond Polus is the comfort of the patient during and after the procedure. No discomfort! Beauty is no pain any more!

Up to 2-year effect

We guarantee excellent results after the first treatment! Save a beautiful smile and beautiful teeth longer!

CAMPAIGN TILL 31.03.2022

O’blik gives free remielation to all the teeth whitened by Beyond Polus! Let the smile be not only brighter but healthier as well!

Tel.: 067-814-82-00

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Beyond Polus Whitening


Spring is coming, spring is in the air! Welcome to the most romantic season of the year, armed with a stunning smile! At O’blik, we whiten the enamel with the US Beyond Polus, a completely safe for teeth and a truly effective whitening system. Conquer the world this spring with just one smile!


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