Full identity to a living tooth

It is achieved due to the high luminosity of the material. We make the veneers so that they cannot be distinguished from the native tooth. Color, transparency of cutting edge and thickness maximally coincide with the natural prototype

Reliability of modern technologies

The strength of the veneer reaches up to 1000 MPa. For comparison, the strength of the metal-ceramic crown is 80 MPa. The veneer material is a fantastically stable thing, no loads are any threat to it

Safety for tooth tissue

Simple and comfortable technology – veneers are simply pasted onto the teeth with no or minimal tooth filing down. Tooth tissue is not damaged, the care is identical to care for native teeth. Give yourself a dazzling smile


What should you know about veneers?

The darkening of enamel, the size and shape of the teeth, the gaps between the teeth – these and other cosmetic defects can be corrected with veneers.

The word «veneer» (Eng.) means a lining or a polishing. Thin discs, up to 0.5 mm of thickness, of ideal color and transparency are glued onto the teeth and a fantastic effect is reached!
Whiteness and glare of the tooth row, visual rejuvenation due to a lighter shade of teeth or an increase in their size (because the teeth darken and wear down with age) are all the responsibility of the veneers. Add some gloss to your smile!

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Why do we choose veneer?


When choosing veneers, the patients first think of the beauty of their smile. We too are passionate about white, glowing smiles, but as doctors, the patient’s health comes first.
From this point of view, veneers are the ideal solution for native teeth, because they are installed without interference in tooth tissue. Tooth facing is necessary as the last resource, and is minimal


Veneers are completely biocompatible with the human body. They don’t cause allergic reactions, rejection, inflammation, and they feel completely like native teeth. The important thing is there’s no period of adaptation


The thickness of the veneer starts from 0.2 mm. It is indeed a jewellery piece that can withstand rather big loads. All the parameters of the veneer are exactly the same as your teeth’s. Moreover, in the case when the patient decides in favor of a complete replacement in the smiling area, we always give recommendations, so that the color and the form of the veneers fit the patient’s complexion, hair color and face shape

Quick Installation

In most cases, the patient needs two dental visits to have the veneers installed. First visit: we select the color of the veneers, prepare the teeth for installation and, if necessary, we file them down. The tooth is polished by a tenth of a millimeter, it’s perfectly safe and painless. Next, we take veneer impression, and we put in a temporary plastic one. Second visit: veneer installation

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or so a dentist can select for the ideal color of veneer!

For this we use Vita Lumin Vacuum Shade Guide. Is is divided into four segments:

BLT shades (bleach) – milky white
Shades А – reddish brown
Shades B – reddish yellowish
Shades C – grey
Shades D – reddish grey

Each segment in its turn is divided into four subgroups. It is about the brightness. Number 1 is the brightest color, and number 4 is the faintest. By choosing the perfect color for the native teeth, we take into account many factors, from indoor lighting to the patient’s tan.


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