New generation of ultrasonic cleaning
Varios Scaler

Varios 970 Lux LED Scaler is the latest iPiezo engine technology from NSK, the thinnest and lightest Varios 2 nozzle with optics, dual LED – everything for perfect cleaning of dental plaque and tartar.

Air Flow technology is the most popular method to combat soft plaque on teeth

And consequently decay as well. Since soft plaque, or rather the bacteria that live in it, is the most common cause of decay. The Air Flow anti-plaque method perfectly cleans gum pockets, preventing gum disease

Two shades plus to the natural whiteness of your teeth – it’s absolutely painless and safe

Remove annoying soft plaque and annoying pigments, and your enamel is 2 shades lighter.
An hour-long procedure will make your smile perfect. And with a perfect smile, it’s so easy to be confident


Professional teeth cleaning

Our task is to remove soft plaque.
– A jet of air, water and soda powder is supplied from a special nozzle.
– Soda particles are spherical, so cleaning has a pronounced polishing effect.
– We also clean veneers, lumineer, and crowns.
– Air Flow perfectly cleans those areas that cannot be reached with a toothbrush, such as interdental spaces.
– Cleaning is absolutely painless and does not damage the gums or dental tissues.
– It also completely removes dark spots and smoker’s plaque.

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Why is it so important?


Strengthening of tooth enamel with a composition containing calcium and phosphorus, as well as fluoride-containing preparations. It’s an irreplaceable procedure for children, pregnant women, people with hypersensitive teeth, and anyone whose enamel for some reason began to lose its structural components.


Half an hour, once every six months is a recipe for effective prevention of periodontal and dental diseases.
Needless to say, it’s not that much when it comes to health. You want to feel professional, perfect cleanliness and at the same time to give no chance to decay and periodontitis?
It’s possible!

Отсутствие травм

Травмы действительно исключены. В случае с Air Flow, это заслуга жемчужных гранул размером ~ 25 мкм. Такие гранулы в составе порошка Perio идеально счищают налёт и при этом безопасны для зубов и дёсен. VARIOS же работает точно на границе эмали и зубного камня, разрушая последний и оставаясь безопасным для тканей зуба.

No injuries

Injuries are really out of the question. In the case of Air Flow, this is the merit of pearl granules with a size of ~ 25 microns. These granules in Perio powder are ideal for removing plaque and at the same time safe for teeth and gums. VARIOS, on the other hand, works exactly on the boundary between enamel and tartar, destroying the latter and remaining safe for teeth tissues.

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Air Flow Cleaning


Professional tooth cleaning is approached from two perspectives
First one means to do teeth cleaning
Smooth and shiny enamel, no tartar and a smile, which is two shades lighter are simple pleasures of regular dental cleaning.
But we don’t just make teeth clean
We treat the descending edge with antibacterial preparations, carry out fluoridation and use the most advanced Japanese scalers for painless polishing.
The clinic operates according to World Protocols. And from professional point of view, the cleaning procedure is the first and most important stage in the treatment of parodontological diseases
So, cleaning is necessary for us both from the aesthetic point of view and as an opportunity to prevent any consequences of periodontal diseases.


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