Orthodontics from 3 to up to 103 years old

Care for beauty and health is important throughout life. O’blik specialists provide orthodontic care to all the patients regardless of age. It’s all about the desire to be healthy and look stunning.

A thorough pathology analysis

In order to reconstruct the complete picture of the pathology, our specialists will assess a huge number of factors – from heredity and breastfeeding to facial profile assessment and even posture

A thorough pathology analysis

From hardware method for the smallest ones (elimination of bad habits, normalization of oral cavity functions, orthodontic apparatus to prevent tooth clutter) to correction of bite by bracket systems


Why do we install braces?

Orthodontics for children

The main rule is “the earlier, the easier it is to fix”! Bite pathologies very often start to form at an early age. And if your child has bad breath or swallowing, bad habits (finger sucking, lip bite, excessive love of the pacifier); trauma of the jaw-facial area; early removal of the baby teeth; dynamically increasing deformation of tooth rows or lack of space for permanent teeth – do not waste time and consult an orthodontist as soon as possible! We’ll help you out!

Orthodontics for adult patients

The teeth move throughout life, and the perfect bite in youth is not a lifetime guarantee. Causes of curvature and displacement are tooth loss, periodontal disease, traumas.

In order to correct these pathologies, O’BLIK specialists recommend braces.

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4 reasons to visit our clinic for orthodontic treatment

Modern systems

Ligature or ligature-free systems – it’s your choice, and the orthodontist will explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Do you care about the aesthetic component? We have ceramic, sapphire, very reliable combined systems (including both metal and aesthetic components), elainers

Complex diagnostics

In order to make an accurate diagnosis and, as a result, an optimal treatment plan, we make the most of the possibilities of modern diagnostics:

  • Dental and head X-ray (OPT, TPG);
  • 3D СT of the both jaws with joint (for medical reasons);
  • MRI of the temporomandibular joint (for medical reasons);
  • image of teeth and face;
  • taking dental impressions, making and calculating teeth models.

Consultation of such specialists as the following:
ENT, speech therapist, neurologist, dentist-orthopedist, dentist-therapist, etc. (for medical reasons)

Individual solutions

We carefully consider the treatment protocol for each case, select the most appropriate orthodontic system, explain in detail to the patient the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It can be a ligable metal system or elainers. You also make decisions based on your financial ability.

Control from the age of three

It’s very important to diagnose the anomaly at an early age and start to correct it while the child grows. This way one can avoid problems with both functionality and aesthetics relatively easily. But the teeth move throughout life, which means that bite pathologies can occur at any age. And they can be solved at any age as well.
Be sure to come, we’ll find the cure and make corrections!

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Smile at yourself in the mirror!


Today braces are the most reliable and effective method of bite correction. Patients with braces (especially teenagers) often feel insecure – metal braces on their teeth do not look very attractive. But the result of braces’ work speaks volumes, it makes you forget about all inconveniences, once you’ve smiled at yourself in the mirror.


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