That’s the survival percentage of Straumann implants. This is the highest rate in the world practice.

3-4 weeks

That’s the period it takes the implant to become «native». Straumann survives very quickly even under an immediate load.


All Straumann implants are guaranteed by the manufacturer, the quality and authenticity of each are certified by a special certificate.


Straumann means the luxury of being spontaneous

We are proud to announce that O’blik Dental Clinic is the official representative of Straumann Company in Odessa. Straumann Swiss implants are undoubtedly the most perfect and qualitative technology in the field of modern implantation!

  • high percentage of survival
  • warranty
  • quick result

Straumann implants are meant for those who choose the best innovations!

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One in five implants in the world is made by Straumann

More than just an implant

The procedure of high comfort

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and lasts for up to half an hour, and in some cases temporary prosthetics can be provided simultaneously

For fragile health

Straumann implants are suitable for clients with fragile health. Type-2 diabetes, post-radiation therapy, old age are no longer contraindications for dental implantation. The world practice confirms: Straumann survives perfectly in such patients as well. A separate case are smokers. We used to observe high rate of implant failure for a long time. Besides, there was a risk of postoperative infection. Straumann showed 100% implant success in smokers

65-year experience

And that’s not surprising. People know the value of Swiss quality and entrust their health to the company with 65-year experience in implantation research and innovation

Fantastic technologies

The rough, nanostructured surface of the system has a contact area with bone tissue 1.5 times as large as that of titanium implants. The patented SLActive® material attracts protein structures and provokes accelerated bone growth. The result is the fastest possible survival of the implant. On average, it lasts for 3-4 weeks

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    До и после имплант
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    Импланты O'blik
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    Импланты до и после

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Straumann implants


This is how prosthetics are performed on the installed Straumann: registered: BLX implant.

A bit of technology, modern research in dentistry, and magic – and here is your perfect smile!


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