Dental implant success survival rate is 98%

Modern technologies in the field of implantology have made a great breakthrough. Implants became more advanced, surviving in 90 cases out of 100. In our clinic this number is even higher and is 98%.

Absolute cleanliness

Cleanliness is one of the top priorities in our work. In our clinic, you are fully secure from cross infections and other complications related to lack of cleanliness in the surgeon’s activity.

Lifetime Warranty

We use certified implants by Sraumann, the world-famous Swiss company. We are sure in the quality of Straumann and offer a lifetime warranty on both the implant and the surgeon’s work.


Surgical Dentistry

Applicable scope of surgical dentistry is the following:
– various inflammatory processes,
– encapsulations,
– tumors,
– tooth extraction.
Surgical interference is the last-resort treatment in dentistry, as the possibilities of non-surgical treatment are not limitless. This is where professionalism and experience of our surgeons, modern equipment of the dentist’s rooms and effective anesthesia are here for. Everything will be done as quickly, accurately and painlessly as possible. To reach the best results, the surgeons work ‘four-handed’, always involving an assistant in the operation.

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How are we different from other clinics?

STRAUMANN Certified Partner

Straumann Implants

In our work at O’Blik, we use implants by Straumann Swiss Company which has already been a leader in the field of implantology for 65 years.

They are suitable for all adult patients and perfectly survive within 4-12 weeks. The procedure itself is carried out under local anesthesia and lasts for up to half an hour, in some cases single-stage temporization procedure is possible. Practice shows that implants by Straumann mean practically 100% of survival. In our clinic, we have had no recorded cases of dental implant failure. In general, the Company guarantees 98% of survival.

Certified Clinic

We are extremely proud of cooperating with Straumann since we are aware that our patients get the best available in the field of implantology. All the dental implants are produced in Switzerland, and related materials – in other countries of Europe, as well as in the USA and Japan. The Company takes full responsibility for its product: for each transplant a warranty certificate is given, which you can use in any country in the world.

More than 15-year experience

The area of competence of a dental surgeon is extensive: from tooth extraction and inflammatory process treatment to tooth-preserving procedures and implantation. These skills are acquired with experience.

Our dentists are both specialists and scientists, and even somewhat artists as they create beauty. They constantly master their level by regularly attending the most essential dentistry trainings and forums. Even if your case is declared as hopeless (we do have experience in dealing with such patients), make an appointment at O’blik, and it’s quite likely that we will re-qualify it as curable.

It’s painless!

We use all modern forms of anesthesia – from surface anesthesia, for quick manipulation or the gums preparation for further injection, to general anesthesia. For future mothers and small patients, 100% safe medications are available.

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