We treat without pain or fear

Children’s fear of a dentist is a serious problem. It often stays with a person for a lifetime. We’ll make sure your kid is comfortable and secure, next time they themselves will remind you of a scheduled visit to the dentist

Teeth Preservation Techniques

We know how important it is for baby teeth to «work out» the whole period and therefore we make every effort to preserve the tooth. As in the case of regular adult teeth, extraction is a measure of last resort

Psychological Comfort

Our motto is “all children must get the best care”! So not only do we heal, but we make sure that the child develops a habit of caring for the health of their teeth. And regular dental visits should become part of this habit


Children’s Dentistry

It’s crucial that baby teeth fulfill their tasks throughout their allotted time. So if you spot:
– light or dark stains on the teeth,or black dots,
– bad smell out of the baby’s mouth,
– their unwillingness to eat hot or cold,
– their complaints of pain.

Do not waste time and see a doctor urgently. Children’s pathologies develop much faster than adults’, and this is really the case when the periculum is in mora.
And remember to get them to brush their teeth twice a day and always show up to the dentist once every six months.

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Children’s Dentistry at O’blik

What is it like?

We will Teach Kids Hygiene

Creating a habit of taking care of your health (brushing your teeth correctly, using dental floss, and regularly visiting the dentist) is also our task. A beautiful future smile will be formed under the careful supervision of our specialists

Let’s Save the Baby Teeth

And we do not agree with the statement that problems with baby teeth are solved by removing them. We know perfectly well how important they are and we treat them as thoroughly as permanent ones.

Painless technologies

We declare with authority: it is painless! We use the most advanced and absolutely safe anesthetics when working with children. No tears! Here at O’blik, we are used to seeing only smiles. Moreover, only perfectly beautiful children’s smiles!

Psychological comfort

We always explain to young patients what exactly, how and for what we will do it. This is how trust is born between doctors and patients. For very little ones, we add game elements and also explain in an easy-to-understand language why it is necessary to sit quietly for a bit, and how exactly a sick tooth is going to become healthy. Your child will definitely want to return to us for a preventive examination!

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Form the right attitude to dentistry from childhood!

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For children of all ages

The fear of the dentist comes from childhood and our number one task is to make friends with the little patient, to make their stay in the clinic as comfortable as possible. Children’s teeth (both baby and permanent) are frequent victims of mechanical damage caused by world exploration as well as endless love for sweets.

We remove damaged dental tissues as carefully as possible, and restore their anatomy. And if they are subject to abrasion or serious cracks are found in the enamel, we use remineralizing therapy complexes.


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