The prosthesis will function and feel like a native tooth. You can be absolutely sure of the reliability of the prosthesis: it resists stresses in the same way as the native tooth created by nature and will not cause rejection or allergies in the body.

Modern technologies

Our specialists regularly attend dental training courses all over the world and take advantage of the work of leading world orthopedists. We use state-of-the-art prosthetics. Color and transparency materials are exactly the same as native teeth.

Natural beauty

Dental technology keeps pace with the times. They change and improve as frequently as generations of modern smartphones do. Your prosthesis will be absolutely indistinguishable from your native teeth. We guarantee the natural beauty of your smile!


Quality of crowns!

The high-quality crown (and we make only such kind) doesn’t differ very much from a native tooth. It looks exactly the same, and the functionality is almost the same.

No wonder crowns are the most popular form of prosthetics nowadays.

Ceramic crowns look especially beautiful. They look exactly the same as native teeth and even imitate their transparency and light transmission. Plus, they’re very strong, and they don’t cause rejection or allergies.

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4 reasons why we choose prosthetics

Digital technology

We preserve the tissues of a native tooth as much as possible and treat anything that is still treatable. Before you have the crown installed, the dentist will try it onto your tooth. If it’s perfect, we’ll secure it onto a tooth, or a tab. And then we fix the crown using special adhesive that works at a molecular level. The adhesive is very strong.

E-max and zirconium oxide

Ultrathin, very aesthetic crowns with excessive strength. They are indistinguishable from native teeth, serve for decades, and the tooth is processed 3-4 times as little as under metal cutters. With this ceramic, the tooth is shaved down much less, it doesn’t give you foreign body feeling in your mouth, the gum above the crown doesn’t have blue headband and they do have fantastic aesthetics

Natural beauty

Modern crowns and prostheses are completely biocompatible with the oral cavity. They do not cause allergic reactions or rejection. The crown will feel and look like a native tooth.
No one will ever guess that you visited the dentist and your smile is a little (or totally) “tuned up”. Not even your mother will notice the difference.

Visual rejuvenation

Thin lips. Hollow cheeks. Heavy chin. Early mimic wrinkles. Here is a non-exhaustive list of “gifts” caused by the absence of a tooth or teeth and, which leads to the bite disturbance. Our appearance directly depends on the structure of the skull, in particular on whether the upper and lower jaws fit correctly. If not, the respective muscles are relaxed more than normal, which results in wrinkles! Consequently, a person looks older than their age. So any competent dentist will advise you to start struggling with the wrinkles in the dentist’s office. And voilà – minus five years visually off your age and plus five points to your self-esteem


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Your perfect crown


In order to make the perfect crown, we take a precise dental impression of the entire jaw. Then everything is decided by the mastery of the dental technician, who creates a work of art from the material chosen by you and your dentist

We use state-of-the-art materials. Your new crown is a merge of space technologies and human excellence.


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